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Weeds in your fields?


A new age chemistry - inspired by nature

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Presenting India's first pre-mix post-emergent herbicide for grass & broadleaf weeds control in Corn & Sugarcane.
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For Progressive corn growers of India, who are looking for effective control of weeds to help the crop to get right nutrient without competition of weeds. Presenting CALARIS®️Xtra, India's first pre-mix: Inspired by nature to deliver better and long duration control of grass and broad leaf weeds.
For your corn field

For your sugarcane field

What is CALARIS®Xtra?

Broad spectrum, foliar & residual control of grass & broad leaf weeds, recommended in corn & sugarcane crop
Premix of 2 active ingredients in SC formulation.
Post emergence herbicide with systemic action, applied at 3-4 leaf stage of weeds
Some bleaching of leaves may occur under adverse weather condition or when applied under stress but symptoms rapidly disappear
Unique combination of HPPD & PSII chemistry, dual mode of action with “BIA”, excellent synergy, resulting in fast control
CALARIS®️Xtra  has built-in adjuvants
Application & Dose
When to apply CALARIS®Xtra ?

Apply CALARIS®️Xtra at 3-4 leaf stage of weeds. Dose: 1400 ml/acre to be applied with knapsack sprayer with Flood jet or Flat Fan nozzles with 200L of water/acre.

What is CALARIS®Xtra recommended for?

Grass weeds & Broad leaf weeds in Corn and Sugarcane Crop

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catch as many weeds as you can.
Play the CALARIS®️Xtra mobile game, catch as many weeds as you can and be the top scorer across India.
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get to know why CALARIS®️Xtra is the right choice.
Click on the to know link why choosing CALARIS®️Xtra makes all the difference in your fields. 
Identify your weeds
Still confused on the type of weeds? How they look and how to identify? Make the right choice by visiting the Weed Indetification section.

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