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(For Guli Danda / Phalaris Minor / Gehu ka mama)

Wakth badhla par bharosa nai - Topik

Phalaris Minor causes a major loss in your wheat crop. You face 30-40 of reduction in the crop yield.

Effective solution for a clean-green wheat field.

Topik 15 WP is a post emergence selective herbicide for Managing Phalaris minor in Wheat.

Topik is your choice when it comes in dealing with Phalaris Minor.

gulli dandi aur jangli jaee ka niyantran

gehu ki hari bhari va bharpur fasal

Surakshit aur swasth mitti

gehu ke saath anya faslom par bhi surakshith hai

Right dose

160 grams per acre

Right time

3-4 Leaf stage before days

Right method

Use Knapsack with Floodjet or Flat fan nozzel

Topik - Safalta Ke parampara


Most frequent questions and answers

Recommended dose is 160 grams per acre

Topik should be applied at 30-35 days after sowing.

Topik is recommended to be sprayed once or twice depending on the severity

of the weed (level of resistance of Phalaris Minor).

Topik can be used in all weather conditions and is very effective.

Topik is recommended to control Phalaris minor (Mandusi / Guli Danda /

Gehu ka Mama) – a key problematic weed of Wheat crop. 

In India, Topik is recommended for Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop only.

Choose Topik - Safalta aur bhorase ke parampara!

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Topik is the choice of generations.


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