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"Rifit™ Plus – We are Proud of it"

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Rifit™ Plus   

Rifit™ Plus is an excellent weedicide for planted paddy with improved formula and high quality spreaders. This modern formula and spreaders make Refit™ Plus for its quick and long-term control over weeds and some wide-leaf weeds.

Unique feature of Rifit™ Plus - Fast DSA Formula

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Rifit™ Plus weedicide - We are Proud of it

Rifit™ Plus Weedicide 

Dissolves fast

Rifit™ Plus dissolves rapidly in water. As soon as it comes in touch with stagnant water in the field it gets issolved soon. Because it is modern. 

 It spreads fast.
Quality Spreaders of the Refit™ Plus
   Spreads rapidly in every corner of the Field due to which
   the weeds won’t be seen anywhere in the field and
   the fields will be safe and get complete peace of mind.

Fast and effective

Rifit™ Plus has high quality 
 Components that start their function faster
So that your field is free of weeds,
and your paddy gets all the nutrients.

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Identify your weed 

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    "Rifit plus makes it easier"