Say Goodbye to Phalaris Minor


THE FIRST STEP TO YOUR DREAM FIELD While Phalaris Minor might be the problem, Movondo by Syngenta is the first step toward the solution. This revolutionary pre-emergent herbicide ensures that your field is set on the right path from day one. With Movondo, your dream field starts here.


High Impact Benefits

Phalaris Minor The Common Roadblock

The bane of every wheat grower’s existence, Phalaris Minor, has longbeen obstructing the path to ideal yields. This invasive weed not only suffocates healthy wheat but also makes farming labor-intensive andless profitable. It’s a looming problem, casting a shadow over yourdream field.

Phalaris minor is the silent invader that's stealing your dream harvest

Every wheat farmer’s nemesis, Phalaris Minor saps the essential nutrients from the soil, wresting them from your wheat crop and leading to decreased yields and lost revenue.


60 grams of Movondo in 200 liters of water


Apply within 0-3 days of sowing

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