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"Cheetah is the mark of my progress"

Now Fusiflex with New Pack
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 Move like a Cheetah ... ten steps ahead of others
  • Quick control over weeds
  • Effective on broad and narrow leaves
  • Simple solution
  • Healthy crop

Move like a Cheetah  

- ten steps ahead of others

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Eradicate all these weeds fast


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Rapid Weed Control

Fusiflex stops the growth of the weeds within 3-4 hours, Within 1-2 days the weeds start showing the  Symptoms of self sdestruction. 

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Effective on broad and narrow leaves weeds

The only solution against broad and narrow leaf weeds  Gives complete control over both the weeds 

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Simple Solution

Fusiflex alone is to be sprayed.
That’s why it is so easy?

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Healthy Crop

Do not stop the growth of crop after spraying of Fujiflex,  Crop remains agile, so that new leaves are shown in green, Stay healthy and give better green canopies 

Fusiflex give healthy crops

Identify Your Weeds
Go to the weed identification section and select the right choice

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    " Cheetah is the mark of my progress "