1. Syngenta India Private Ltd (erstwhile Syngenta India Limited), hereinafter known as “Syngenta” is conducting a campaign for Corn & Sugarcane growers of India.
  2. The Competition shall be open from 25th May 2022 to 30th September 2022 in multiple phases based on the mentioned start dates as per the states, both days inclusive (“Competition Period”) and this Competition Period may be changed at the discretion of Syngenta without giving any prior intimation in this respect.
    State name: All India
    Timelines: 25th May 2022 to 30th September 2022
  3. The participant is required to mention the same registered mobile number / the concerned mobile number and the answer to the question asked when entering on the landing page and the QR submission page.
  4. The winners of the competition will be declared on 17th October 2022 post the complete closure of the competition.
  5. By participating in this Competition, you agree to abide by all these and other applicable terms and conditions. Syngenta reserves its right to change, modify and/or alter these terms and conditions, anytime, without assigning any reasons thereto and/or without any prior intimation in this respect.
  6. Eligibility: This campaign is only applicable to the Corn and Sugarcane growers of the specified states. To participate in the campaign, a grower in the State who has visited the landing page and scanned the QR code on the Calaris Xtra bottle that has purchased (700ml, 1.4L & 3.5 L SKU), scans the QR Code and submits his/her mobile number.
  7. This scheme is only applicable to the purchase of Calaris Xtra of sizes 700ml, 1.4L & 3.5 L retail packs.
  8. Calaris Xtra will be available without this scheme or competition as well.
  9. Gifts for the draw for growers under the said campaign: –
    1st prize – Honda Activa – 4
    2nd prize – TV -8
    3rd prize – Mobile phone -10
    4th prize – Knapsack sprayer -30
  10. Syngenta will not entertain any request/s of encashing the prizes or replacing them with some other prize/s. Syngenta, however, at its sole discretion may replace the prize with any other similar value product due to various reasons, including non-availability of the prize/s mentioned at the time of competition commencement and/or completion.
  11. The campaign has no linkages/correlation with the price of Calaris Xtra.
  12. The selection of winners will be done through a random draw.
  13. Winners will be getting the prizes through company officials / authorized partners (as applicable).
  14. The gift is non-transferable and non-cashable.
  15. The winner claiming the prize/s must be a farmer and should have submitted their mobile number twice and answered the question asked on the landing page (once on the landing page and the second time after scanning the QR code post the product purchase) along with his original bill of Calaris Xtra purchase, photo identity proof and landholding document.
  16. Syngenta neither assumes any liability nor warrants (and/or issues guarantee) towards quality, use, fitness etc. of the prizes distributed / to be distributed under this Scheme. The prizes shall be governed by the standard warranty or guarantee of their respective manufacturing companies or dealers and Syngenta disclaims all warranties, liabilities, or any other claims by the winners for any reasons whatsoever arising from the use, ownership, possession or performance of the prizes and Syngenta shall not entertain request for support from the manufacturers, dealers or third parties in this regard.
  17. The winner/s shall be liable and responsible to bear and pay all Income tax, Government Levy, Duty, Cess or by whatever name called, on the prize.
  18. The images of the prizes shown in any communication for this Competition are for illustration and representational purposes only. The colour and model of the prizes may vary.
  19. Any employee of Syngenta and its channel partners and/or their relatives will not be eligible to participate in this Scheme.
  20. Syngenta shall not entertain any dispute/s in respect of the process of conducting this Competition including selection criteria and process of winner/s selection.
  21. Syngenta has all the rights to modify/ withdraw /change terms and conditions for the Competition, without prior information.
  22. The right of choosing the process of selecting the winner will be that of
  23. Syngenta shall not entertain complaints about this competition.
  24. The winner must collect the prizes within 30 days from the date of draw and after that the prizes may either be withdrawn or will be handed over to the next eligible participant-cum-winner.
  25. Once the prize is handed over to the winner, the company is not responsible for the theft, breakage/ misplacement in any manner whatsoever.
  26. The registration of prizes & process of carrying them from the venue is the whole responsibility of the winner and is not responsible in any respect.
  27. The winner must bear registration tax/ Income tax/Duty/lavish tax on the prize item.
  28. The Courts at Pune shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the disputes that may arise from this Competition.
  29. Syngenta has the right to use the photograph of the winners for promotional purposes.