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Has Phalaris Minor
taken over your field?

(Guli Danda / Mandusi / Gehu ka mama)

A threat for your Wheat crop is evident.

Phalaris Minor is a major threat for your wheat crop establishment that reduces yield quantity and early crop productivity.

missing a weed free Wheat field?

Language of happiness

Axial is a prestigious post-emergence solution for use against Phalaris minor in wheat crop, providing, efficient and clean harvest, progressive yields, out-standing crop safety, prominent & fast weed kill.

Axial syngenta phalaris minor gulli danda mandusi

Axial has all the features that you will love.

effective in all weather conditions

powerful chemistry providing outstanding crop safety

quickly kills
phalaris minor

Right dose

900 ml / hectare with 300 litres of water / hectare.

Right time

3-5 leaf stage (30-35 days after sowing).

Right method

Tractor mounted / knapsack sprayer – with flat fan / floodjet nozzle.

Axial from syngenta

your language of happiness.

Effective control of Phalaris Minor

Built in adjuvant

Unrivalled Crop safety and fastest acting chemistry

Our happy customers speak for us

My suggestion to every Wheat farmer facing issues with Phalaris Minor is – Use Axial, you will benefit a lot. Haryana I received a lot of information about Axial from Syngenta and it helped me a lot. Definitely Axial is the best. Punjab I would say that Axial’s performance is outstanding. Within a week I have seen very good results. One spray and that’s it. Haryana After using axial I am very much satisfied. After just a single use I have never again faces issues with the weed. Uttar Pradesh

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Most frequent questions and answers
what is the dose rate of axial in wheat?

Recommended dose is 900 ml / hectare with 300 litres of water / hectare.

when should axial be applied

It works through leaf surface, and applied when Phalaris Minor is at 3-5 leaf stage

and goes during 1st herbicide application.

Can i use axial with tractor mounted sprayer?

Axial is recommended to be used only with Knapsack Spray Pump with

recommended water volume. 

Can axial be used as a tank mix with other chemistries like 2,4-D, Carfentrazone-ethyl ?


How many times do i need to spray axial?

Axial is recommended to be sprayed once or twice depending on the severity

of the weed (level of resistance of Phalaris Minor).

Når som helst fitness signerer en avtale med legen david katz – sms og franchisetakere trenbolone de 10 beste shakene for å få muskelmasse. What are the favourable weather conditions?

Axial can be used in all weather conditions and is very effective too.

on what weeds in axial recommended?

Axial is recommended to control Phalaris minor (Mandusi / Guli Danda / Gehu

ka Mama) – a key problematic weed of Wheat crop. 

Can i use axial on any other crop apart from wheat

In India, Axial is recommended for Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop only.

How can original Axial be identified?

A Hologram sticker on each Axial bottle is the real identification.

What are the recommendations for Resistant Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop?

Axial / Adrino is recommended for Resistant Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop.

Choose Axial, Choose Happiness. Come and join the world of numerous happy growers.

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