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Herbicide Application Technology

Preparing to use
Learn about the choices you will need to make and understand why spraying at the right time, and in the right weather, matters.
To get the best control, you need to apply:
  1. the right herbicide product at the right dose at
  2. the right time using
  3. the right herbicide spraying technique with
  4. the equipment properly set up and calibrated
This will help you to get good coverage on the target surfaces.
  1. Know the growth stages of your crop
  2. You will need to consult your herbicide label to find if there are any key stages to be aware of. If there are, you will need to estimate the dates when your crop and weed will be at that key stage and ready to spray
  1. Rain, heat, cold and wind speed can affect how well your herbicide gets to and remains on your target surfaces.
  2. Assess the wind to avoid spray drift and inversions.
  3. Do not spray if the wind speed is too high or if the air is still.
  4. Judge safe wind speeds by using wind socks.
  5. Check your herbicide label for advice on the best weather conditions before, during and after spraying. Check the weather forecast for the best time to spray​.


Apply your herbicide with skill to give your herbicide the best chance of controlling your weeed. This will also protect your health and the health of people nearby, livestock, local wildlife, soil, water, your crop, other valued plant life and the users of your crop.

Plan to succeed in your efforts.

Your success will depend on how well you plan and prepare! Make sure that you have the best expert advice when selecting your method of weed control and buying the right pesticide.

From the herbicide label and expert advice, make sure you know the amount of herbicide to apply, the spray mix/water volume rate to use and the type of method advised.

Make sure your sprayer has been cleaned, checked and calibrated and that you know your spraying window.  Make sure you know how much herbicide you need, how many tanks of spray you will need to mix, how much herbicide to put in each tank and you will know which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to wear when mixing and spraying. Your spray area will be prepared.

Usage of equipment

There are a wide range of portable application equipment

Carefully choosing the type of sprayer matching the intended use and goal is essential for the successful use of crop protection products.

There are field sprayers varying in sizes.

  1. Tank sizes from 400 to 5000 litres
  2. Boom sizes from 6 to 44 meter
  3. Many “local” configurations

Make a reservation to know more about the right type of application to choose.